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M. Glenys Forrester (B.Sc.Psych) (M.Sc.Psych) (Member C.P.P.A)

Eating Disorders

Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating disorder are often associated with anxiety and depressive illnesses. The illness is often hard to see in its early stages as the victim will make extreme efforts to hide his/her behavior. While affecting more women than men, the media continues to give out messages that emphasise slimness as the ideal, creating an unrealistic view of how we 'should' look.

In extreme cases, a person can develop a distortion of their actual body shape, seeing themselves as fat when, in fact, they are not, or an intense fear of weight-gain and even of food itself. This can lead to unusual behaviors to avoid eating. These illnesses often require much longer terms of counselling and psychotherapy in order to uncover the basis for the belief system that has grown up around the patient's food and weight.

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